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Ubatuba is a Brazilian city, located on the southeast coast, in the state of Sao Paulo. The origin of the name comes from the Tupi words uyba (arrows or canoes) and tuba (many).

Uba Tuba granite is an igneous rock formed under extreme temperature and pressure in a molten state which solidifies as it rises up from within the earth. Quarried on a mass scale in brazil, it is shipped all over the world.

It has a quartz and mica composition with a tightly packed grain pattern. It is one of the hardest and most dense of stones. Because of this, it is very durable, readily withstanding heat and water, and easily resisting wear.

In its polished state, it has a nice hard but smooth feel. All of these properties make it an ideal material for use in countertops, especially in harsh kitchen environments. It can easily withstand the abuse of hot pots and pans, harsh cleansers, and the scuffing of utensils.


Physical Properties

  • Density(g/cm3):2.89
  • Water Absorption(%):0.43
  • Strength to bending(MPa):212.80
  • Porosity hardness modules of elasticity(MPa):15.40


A Guide to Uba Tuba Granite

Found naturally in Brazil, Uba Tuba Granite is quickly becoming one of the most requested granites for use in kitchen, bathroom, and commercial construction projects. Itís smooth, easy to maintain surface, and glossy, sparkling finish provides the owner with a high quality professional appearance, and exceptional durability not found with other materials.

Home and business owners who have chosen Uba Tuba Granite for use in their kitchens and bathrooms know the benefits that accompany this material. Notably, the scratch and stain resistant make it one of the most easy to clean and maintain options for countertops, backsplashes, and tile flooring available on the market. While simplicity of maintenance is an appealing quality, Uba Tuba generally wins over its audience with its glossy, reflective facade. At first glance, Uba Tuba Granite countertops and flooring appear like a slick black glass, but upon a closer look, you can see the gold flecks and reflective earth-toned shades that are perfectly compatible with wood and glass features. The definitive look of this material can be the centerpiece of a room, or be used to enhance its many elements.

Uba Tuba granite is also known for being long lasting and especially versatile. This granite can be found in tile form on kitchen and bathroom walls, or in slabs carved to fit countertops and vanities. Uba Tuba granite has also been used to design stone fixtures like sinks and fountains and is frequently used in commercial businesses. Its professional beauty and durable surface helps define this material as a wise investment that is sure to hold up brilliantly through the years. Carefully placed light helps highlight itís variety of colors. While at first appearance, Uba Tuba granite is said to look black, with specks of gold, carefully placed lighting will reflect refined greens and browns. The sleek reflective appearance also helps reflect light, and conceals dirt, water, and any unlikely blemishes, making it great for high traffic areas.

Some of the benefits of using Uba Tuba granite include:

1.) It gives any room a more distinctive appearance when used as tiling.

2.) It is very difficult to scratch or stain.

3.) Cleaning and maintenance is very simple.

4.) Itís one of those rare materials that combine strength and durability with exquisite beauty.

5.) Granite lasts for an incredibly long time. The oldest mountain ranges on the earth are granitic and have withstood the forces of erosion for millions of years.

6.) Countertops made from this material always have a tidy appearance because water droplets readily blend in with its specked surface.


Recommended Usage:

Ubatuba Granite tiles
A) 12 x 12"
B) 16 x 16"
C) 18 x 18"
D) 24 x 24"
E) Thickness: 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4"
F) customize sizes
Finish: Polished, Flamed, Honed, Bush hammered, Sand-blasted, antiqued etc
Packing: tiles by carton then to wooden crate, cut to size by crate, slabs by wooden bundle labs. we have accumulated rich experience in stone industry.
Ubatuba granite slabs
Random slabs 2400mmup x 630mm/700mm
Gang saw slabs 2400mm up x 1400 mm up
Slabs as above are very suitable for cutting into flooring tiles, wall tiles ,wall cladding , kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops , monuments.
Super thin granite slabs , 8~9 mm thicknes . †

Super thin granite and marble† slabs are very suitable for tub surround using .
Virtue :†

  1. The thickness is close to ceramic ,So it is easy to handle .
  2. Installing a tub surround is an easy way to upgrade your bath and save your walls from water damage.
  3. Fiberglass back makes super thin granite slabs strong enough and no break.†

Ubatuba countertops and worktops

We fabricate worktops for fitted kitchens, countertops, floors and tiles for bathrooms etc.
We selling granite worktops including vanity tops specialize for kithchen and bathroom using .  We sell granite worktops , counter tops , vanity tops to building contractors, kitchen stores, interior decorators and designers, as well as other businesses and fabricators of granite and marble.
We consistently strive to give our customers top level of excellence and quality in the countertop construction industry.
We also can fabricate countertops by super thin slabs in 9 mm thickness and make sink cutout well .
Ubatuba Granite Tub surround†

countertops edge treatment



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